-ine1 [ʌɪn, ɪn, i:n]
1》 (forming adjectives) belonging to; resembling: canine.
2》 forming adjectives from the names of genera or subfamilies (such as bovine from the genus Bos).
from Fr. -in, -ine, or from L. -inus.
-ine2 [ʌɪn]
suffix forming adjectives from the names of minerals, plants, etc.: crystalline.
from L. -inus, from Gk -inos.
-ine3 [ɪn, i:n]
suffix forming feminine nouns such as heroine.
from Fr., via L. -ina from Gk -inē, or from Ger. -in.
-ine4 [i:n, ɪn]
1》 forming chiefly abstract nouns and diminutives such as doctrine, medicine.
2》 Chemistry forming names of alkaloids, halogens, amino acids, and other substances: cocaine.
from Fr., from the L. feminine form -ina.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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